I’m selling my ROBOT ARM

I’m liquidating a lot of my crap because I’m moving- so if you’d like to take a look at my ebay

The auction for the arm is here!!

Okay, the disclaimer: This arm WAS an experiment. It’s fitted to my own arm, which is pretty mid-sized. The workmanship is very low quality, but it’s a really neat piece of cosplay crap to have.

I’m currently in the middle of sorting out a move and the place I’m at right now has never really charged me rent- but this month they’re kind of wondering why I haven’t been paying rent in the past. It’s a realllllly long story- but either way, I’d love to give them some money before I abscond a few cities away on my own. I only really have enough to survive 4 months at my new place and I really don’t want to dip into those funds- so here I am! 

Like I said, this is my ROBOT ARM I designed myself. It was worn for my Vriska cosplay seen in a lot of GIF’s and photos, and I debuted and finished that costume at Anime North 2012 and I also wore it at the Niagara Comic Convention. 

It passes the 10ft rule and it looks amazing while worn. The shoulder/top of the arm is NOT very finished. This was always covered by my over shirt. I’ve gotten a ridiculous number of compliments on it, and it always fooled people!! Everyone thought it was legitimate metal.

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